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Building Inspection Services

Local Law 11 (FISP) Inspections

  • Full exterior façade, parapet and bulkhead inspection and FISP report filing in accordance with DOB requirements

Façade Inspections

  • Ground and platform inspections of façade, bulkhead and parapet

"Next-Door" Construction 

  • Inspection and photo log of pre-construction conditions to verify whether any damage was caused by adjacent construction projects. ​

Water Penetration Evaluation  

  • Inspection of interior water infiltration including use of moisture meters, thermal photography and water test.

  • Inspection of roof waterproofing layer including, flashing, roof penetrations, and parapet.


Pre-Construction and Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Structural Integrity  - Facades, Floor joists, Stairs, Fire escapes

  • Building Code Conformity - Apartment interiors, fire rated construction, sprinklers, Public Assembly

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