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Local Law 11/98

Under New York City Local Law 11, all city buildings taller than six stories, i.e. 6 floors and a basement, must have their exterior façade inspected by a professional engineer or registered architect. These inspections are to be done every five years with a certified report filed with the Department of Buildings. The intent of these inspections is to verify that there are no Hazardous conditions that would be a liability to the building and to the pedestrians passing the building.

Over the last 26 years SALAMON ENGINEERING has inspected buildings throughout New York, New Jersey and Georgia – From six story residential buildings -to high rise office towers. With our expertise we can provide the technical support in the filing of the inspection reports as well as providing repair programs to address any damages noted.

The building code requires that these inspections via use of both visual observation i.e. binoculars and high zoom photography, as well as a hands-on inspection. The “hands-on” inspection must be done along each of the public street side facades- off movable scaffolding and/or fire escapes. If there is no fire escape available, then a scaffold drop must be installed for a thorough inspection, to examine the integrity of the façade.

The purpose of this law is to require building owners to detect hazardous conditions on the façade and to ensure the safety of pedestrians and neighboring properties. Some of the unsafe conditions commonly found include spalling bricks, damaged lintels, bowing parapet walls, unsupported air conditioners, loose terra cotta, damaged water-stops, cracked figurines and terraces.

Over the last 26 years SEG has completed over 2,000 projects. Our staff is experienced in both the inspection of façades, as well as providing plans and specifications for exterior restoration, façade repair, waterproofing, façade restoration and masonry repairs. As part of the repair procedure SEG provides technical support including onsite inspection and construction Administration during building restoration, masonry repairs, roof replacement and Landmark historic restoration projects.

With our experience, we are especially qualified to support the building owners and management through the inspection and repair process.

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