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Facade Restoration

The Department of Building code requires the drafting of drawings containing detailed plans and specification for the repair of defective façade. These defects can be prioritized into three categories HAZARDOUS, PRECAUTIONARY and COSMETIC.

Items listed as being hazardous must be repaired immediately. Precautionary items are to be completed within the next two to three years. Suggested cosmetic repairs are discretionary. Based on the Building’s budget the extent of the plans and specifications can be tailored to meet the building’s requirement.

In the event that there are hazardous conditions, remedial repairs must be initiated immediately as per NYC Department of Buildings Code. To this end the DOB has provided a mechanism by which the building owners can repair the building. Firstly, a sidewalk shed must be installed beneath the defective areas. Secondly, plans must be drafted locating the defective façade areas, as well as specifications for their repair to be filed with the Department of Buildings. Salamon Engineering can expedite the permits and plans needed to begin the remedial repairs.

Prior to commencing any façade repairs a contractor’s Work Permit must be obtained. Upon completion of filing the façade Inspection report and receiving approval for a work permit, a request for an extension of time in the filing of the Amended Local Law #11 report can be filed. Usually this extension is granted by DOB for a period of 90 days, after which time, if the repairs are not yet completed an additional extension request can be filed

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