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Engineering Inspections

Prior to buying an apartment, a house or a building Due Diligence inspection is required. With the support of a technical professional and a detailed inspection report an investor is better able to make an informed decision as to the worth of a property.

Salamon Engineering has provided its services to REITs (real estate investment firms) Banks and private investors in making decisions based on a PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER’S inspection SEG’s inspection reports provide a detailed description of the building including architectural, code compliance, structural, plumbing, electrical and heating systems and a summary of the building’s conditions listing defects and estimates for their repair.

Inspections During Construction

During the repair and/construction of your project –who is watching the contractor-to make sure his work conforms to approved plans?

SALAMON ENGINEERING offers to provide on- site inspections to verify the contractors work, administer the construction as to costs, scheduling, permits, change orders, payment requests and final sign-off of the work.

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