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Backflow Prevention

To protect the city water supply from contamination the DEP-Department of Environmental Protection, has regulated the requirement that all buildings containing hazardous material must install a back flow preventor device, commonly known as RPZ, (Reduce Pressure Zone). This device is designed to stop the siphoning of water from the building back into the city main.

Typical Hazardous materials are those used in the operation of Boilers, Medical offices, Laundromats, dry cleaning stores, nail salons, dentists.

To comply with DEP regulations a plan detailing the proposed installation of the RPZ needs to be submitted for DEP approval. This plan must show the location of the water supply piping, the location and type of RPZ proposed, as well as proof that the installation meets all the parameters i.e. clearances, drainage requirements; of DEP regulations.

SALAMON ENGINEERING can design the required plans, expedite their filing with the DEP for approval, obtain bids to complete the work, as well as make inspections to verify that the contractor has satisfactorily completed the required installation.

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